For over a century, MSC has been renowned as a world leader in tin smelting, playing a key role in providing the world with a continuous supply of high grade refined tin metal.Recent acquisitions undertaken by MSC has considerably broadened MSC’s scope of activities especially through of its subsidiaries and associated companies; from geological and exploratory works, open pit alluvial mining, tin smelting and refining, downstream manufactoring to global marketing of tin and tin-based products. However, the heart of MSC’s very own operations still revolves round tin smelting and trading of the resultant metal and tin based products.

In term of smelting, MSC operates one of the world’s largest custom tin smelter from its smelting plant located at Butterworth in Malaysia, converting mined natural resources to high grade refined tin metal for industrial application. Over the years, MSC’s smelting plant has evolved into an international custom tin smelter, capable of effectively converting primary, secondary and often complex tin bearing ores into high purity tin metal from the four corners of the earth. If you would like to learn more about our tin smelting capability, facilities, etc, please visit our section on tin smelting.

MSC’s resultant products from smelting are world renowned. MSC's Straits Refined Tin, for instance, has been widely acknowledged as a premier tin brand and has been consumed in industries worldwide for over a century. Apart from Straits Refined Tin we have also introduced range of premium products that are produced upon demand such as high purity electrolytic tin (99.99%) as well as the environmentally safe low lead tin.

You can learn more about our products down to its technical specifications at our products section. As far as trading and marketing of tin-based products is concerned, MSC operate from the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

MSC’s products are sold through leading metal markets such as Kuala Lumpur Tn Market or the London Metal Exchange, or directly to tin traders or industrial end users. More information on our trading is available in a section specifically dedicated to it.




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