MSC operates one of the world's largest and most cost-efficient tin smelters in the world. Established in 1902, the Butterworth smelter has over a hundred years of experience in smelting. In 1994, MSC's Butterworth smelter earned the distinction of being the very first tin smelter to be accredited with ISO 9002 underscoring MSC's total and uncompromising commitment to product quality and innovation.

Over the years, MSC has successfully combined its vast experience with state-of-the-art technological innovations to improve its smelting and refining processes. This has enabled MSC to meet the needs of today's competitive business environment and maintain its position as the world's leading smelter.

Traditionally a high grade smelter of locally mined alluvial concentrates, MSC has evolved into a world class medium grade tin smelter with more than 85% of its current feed comprising medium grade tin concentrates and complex tin bearing materials sourced from more than 20 countries worlwide including from Australia, Peru, United Kingdom, Portugal, China and Russia.
Why choose MSC for your tin smelting needs?
  • Unsurpassed reputation in contract performance
    For over a century, MSC has built a business where honesty, trust and integrity are paramount and thus enjoys extensive business goodwill and a solid reputation for reliability and performance.
  • Enjoys excellent logistics infrastructure at its door step
    Geographically MSC's Butterworth plant is ideally located within a 2 km radius in the new Container Terminal Port, Bulk Cargo Terminal, Rail Terminal, and the expressway system serving the length and breadth of the country. The Penang International Airport and Air Cargo Terminal is a 40 minutes car drive away from the smelting works. Such well-linked infrastructure affords MSC convenient access for import and export activities and gives our customers quick turnaround time.
  • Total commitment to accuracy in sampling and assaying of feed received
    MSC's in-house laboratory is equipped with a complete range of modern analytical tools including two units of emission spark spectrometer. This enables fast and accurate analysis of the metal produced.
  • Capable and Experienced Smelters
    MSC's facilities are capable of treating feed materials over a wide-range of grade and quality and its personnel and skilled and well experienced in smelting operations. After all, we have been in the smelting business for more than a century now.
  • Excellent product quality management system
    MSC has excellent product quality management system and this is underpinned by its accreditation to ISO 9002. Widely disseminated in-house quality policy and objectives, ensures that the culture is well-adhered and pervasive in the entire organization.
  • Ready market for end products
    MSC provides feed suppliers with a cost competitive treatment facility and tin buyers with source of high grade tin. Feed suppliers are given the option on how they wish MSC to deal with the resultant metal - they could have their tin ore processed on a toll smelting basis whereby MSC charges a service charge for its smelting and the metal is returned to the feed supplier; or instruct MSC to dispose the tin metal at the prevailing market price at the Kuala Lumpur Tin Market (KLTM); or alternatively, sell the resulting tin metal to MSC at prevailing market prices.


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