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The MSC Group is one of the first in the world who is venturing to convert a lead refining plant to that of tin, using a ISASMELT furnace.

The ISASMELT furnace which uses the revolutionary Top Submerged Lance technology replaces the traditional reverberatory furnaces, which have been in use over the last 100 years, and will herald a new era and add a new dimension to the Group’s smelting technology.

The ISASMELT furnace has a high intrinsic smelting capacity coupled with a lower unit smelting cost which will give the Group a competitive edge in its feed materials sourcing activity. The new smelter’s location is equally strategic due to its proximity to the port and LME warehouse.

Benefits of the ISASMELT technology furnace:

  • Simplified smelting process
  • Higher purity output
  • Time and energy-efficient
  • Lower labour requirements